This page documents some of the many appropriations of chipmusic: trolls, samplers, remixers and plagiarists. The purpose is not to dismiss any uses but to document a tendency that was much debated in the chip- and demoscene during the 00’s. Please note that this has been poorly updated since 2011. Also check 8bitcollective’s Hall of Shame, MOD Archive’s Hall of Shame, threads at pouet & csdb and Saga Musix re Timelord.


Once We Were Robots (2011). Put vocals on songs by Je Mappelle, Kola Kid, Smiletron, Monster! Monster!, etc. Did the same thing in 2009 as Le PegChipmusic-thread + youtube-clip + ReverbNation.

Sinsid (2010). Published C64-songs by e.g. Randy, PRI, GRG and Kristian Rostoen, Thor, Eco and Kasmo at his 8bc-account. csdb-thread +

HtheB (2010). Put his name on songs from various artists for a digital download album and a number of NDS-games. chipflip 1 + 2

TV Death Squad (2009). American artist using music from Random, Mesu Kasumai, Goto80, Psilodump, Ten and Tracer, Combatdave, Wiklund. Denied plagiarism accusations. chipflip

Laromlab (2008). Album-release and USA-tour, claiming authorship to previously released chipmusic mostly without modifying the original. Public apology followed. Details at Crazy Q’s page. Original songs by Dubmood, Crazy Q, Dma-Sc, Aleksi Eeben, Lotek Style, Gasman, Ikuma, Random, and Goto80.


Actress – Maze (2010). Samples the game Knight Lore.

Dam Funk & Computer Jay – Strange Days (2010). Samples the c-64 soundtrack to  R-Type by Chris Hülsbeck.

Osten af Mozarella – Commodore 64 (2010). Uses Turtle Grains by Optic as backtrack for this song.

Disrupt & Soom T – Dirty Money (2009). Uses the C64-song Reggae2 by JLD, which led to a popular remix by An-ten-nae. jld-comment @ csdb

Rusko – Bionic Commando remix (2009). Remix of the game song. Not released on a label. discogs

Wermut (2008). German darkwave artist using a whole song by Mindflow. chipflip interview

Crystal Castles (2008). Heavy sampling and rearrangement of songs by Lo-Bat, and a beat-snippet sampled from Covox (spectral analysed by nitro2k01). No legal action taken. Civilised blog-post here and chiphate here. A bizarre detail is how Crystal Castles and Timbaland have used the same pulsewave-arpeggios in their songs (although a rather generic progression) – check it.

Frankmusik (2008). Brittish electro artist signed to Island Records samples rather moderately from two C64 demoscene songs. More info here and here.

Timbaland (2007). Acid Jazzed Evening was used in this song, produced by Timbaland. Original Amiga composition by Tempest but Timbaland used GRG’s C64-cover of the song. Check out this torrent or this youtube-clip to get the idea. Details at the wikipedia-article. Currently (September 2009) Tempest is “not talking about it” while GRG is still in a legal process.

Fitts for Fight (2007). Using songs from and the demoscene and putting vocals on top. Details in the micromusic statement. Public apology followed. Original songs by Stu, Binärpilot, DVD Heijden, 505, 8BitWeapon, DRX, Kluster Bounce, Arachno, and Yerzmey.

Egotronic – Exportschlager Leitkultur (2006). Samples Monty on the Run by Rob Hubbard.  source

Deadmau5 – Edit Your Friends (2005). Samples Tim Follin’s Spectrum-song Chronos.

Bastian – You’ve Got My Love (2003?). This song includes a beat from Jeroen Tel and Reyn Ouwehand’s C64 song Rubicon. Bastian paid for it in the end.

Abe Duque – Champagne Days, Cocaine Nights (2003). Extensively samples the C64-tune Knight Tyme by David Whittaker. Excerpt from Duque’s tune here. According to discogs credits are in the notes of the record.

Las Palmas – Bidragskungen (2004). Uses the song from the C64-game Strip Poker. Original song here, Bidragskungen here.

Diplo – Diplo Rhythm (2004). Uses the music from the NES-game Platoon throughout the whole song. Released on Big Dada. youtube

Mark VII – Presents Action Replays (2002). Mash-ups C64 game music with rap acapellas. Released on the Monotonik sublabel No’Mo’. mp3 info

Logic Bomb – Extension (2000). Samples the Amiga mod Cyberride by Jester.

Hardy Hard – Silver Surfer (1999). Based on the Amiga mod Beams of Light by Walkman.

Monotrona (1998-2003). Used various C64-songs and added vocals. More info here.

Anton Maiden (1998-2000?). Used MOD- and  General MIDI-covers of Iron Maiden, put vocals on it and released it on a label. chipflip

Blitter vs Hrvatski – Nuclear Cats Get New Home (1998). Samples various C64-songs (Wizball, Flash Gordon, Turbo Outrun?). youtube

Toni Phobia & DJ Charles – High Pumping (1998). Uses the melody from David Whittaker’s C64-music Storm. youtube

Dimmu Borgir – Sorgens Kammer (1996). Covering Tim Wright’s musicfrom the Amiga game Agony without credit.

Hardsequencer – Magic Flight (1994). Based on the Amiga song Stardust Memories by Jester. music+info

Paul Johnson – Psycho Kong (1994).  8 songs based on samples from Donkey Kong. discogs

Itch-E & Scratch-E – Awaken (1993). Uses a melody by from 4mat’s Amiga mod Cardiac Pause as a theme in the song. youtube

Ionosphere – Clear Blue Sky (1993). Uses bits from 4mat’s Amiga mod Madness.

Power-Pill – Pac-Man (1992). Aphex Twin samples Pacman. discogs

Gentle Giant – Time to Kill (1975). Seems to sample Pong? youtube


V/A – 8 Bit Rude Boy (2011). An MP3-compilation pressed on vinyl without permission. 8bc-thread

Apps with keygen/crackintro music (2010). This app uses 360 chiptunes and is sold for $. More info here (which also mentions this other app).

Jamster – Crazy Frog (200?). Using Bodenständig 2000‘s song ‘In Rock 8 Bit’ in Crazy Frog TV-ads without permission. See comment field for more info.

Eisenfunk – Majak HQ (2008). Uses Supremacy by Jeroen tel. watch

Various Commercials. Goojet (2008) unauthorized use of a C64-song by Jeroen Tel. No actions have been taken. watch + Ariston (199?) uses Jonathan Dunn’s Gameboy-song for Robocop. watch

Swedish Radio P3 (2007-2010?). The comedy program Pang Prego used cut-up versions of Goto80’s song Pappap as a jingle throughout the season – without permission, without crediting.

Sally Shapiro / Johan Agebjörn (2006). A cover of Overload by Mantronix (aka Martin Wall) – as mentioned in the linear notes. info

Scooter – The Stadium Techno Experience (2003). “Level 1” – main melody covered from Chris Hülsbeck’s song “Freedom” for Turrican (2?). “A Little Bit Too Fast” samples the song “I Am Rushin'” by Chris Hülsbeck according to wikipedia.

Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400 (1999). Main melody covered from David Whittaker’s Lazy Jones (subtrack21). According to NME Whittaker received money for it. Currently (March 2010) there is a lawsuit in process.

MOD-rippers. The Mod Archive had a Rippers Listing, now located here. An extreme example of mod-appropriation is when the PC-composers Purple Motion and Unreal got their songs appropriated by Jay Newingham. Check details here. Actually, the songs are still around in his own name – here. If you search for “jay” on this page you can see how a discussion about copyright in the demoscene could loook like, in the light of this case. Dj Distance ripped off mods in 2003, read about it here. Dj Isabelle ripped off mods in 2000, read about it here.


30 Responses to “APPROPRIATIONS”

  1. kikendo Says:

    Nice one Mr.!

    Perhaps you want to add this one? You be teh judge:

    Junior Senior – Move Your Feet:

    Stefan Konarkowski (Alien) – Funky Smile (Workaholic 3)
    [audio src="" /]

  2. chipflip Says:

    Yeah, I saw it. Although it is a bit similar, I’ve chosen not to include it… Anyone against?

  3. [ Crystal Castles vs Creative Commons ] Says:

    […] Infringements, Chiptune Music Theft Continues; Crystal Castles Abuses Creative Commons License and chipflip: plagiarism. The best place for information, however, is the epic (now 23 page) thread on the 8bitcollective […]

  4. more crystal castles fun | [audioauxiliary] Says:

    […] chipflip blog […]

  5. pimpfest Says:

    that “Alien vs. Junior Senior” is really far-fetched. It’s good that you didn’t include it in your story. Claims from tonedeafs only hurt the cases of the chipmusicians involved.

  6. Chiptune Tits « CHIPFLIP Says:

    […] by the Crystal Castles buzz, which I never wrote about here (well, it’s mentioned in the plagiarism-page). Anyway. I will try to stick to saying chiptune about a particular, which is […]


    […] CHIPFLIP: Plagiarism […]

  8. mezkal Says:

    @Pimpfest: I dunno about that. It’s an extremely similar chord progression and baseline. The dissonance makes it harder to hear but it’s definitely similar in parts.

  9. Masters of Media, New Media MA Amsterdam » Chip music and the 8bit demoscene - Hacking, Open Source and Remixing Says:

    […] Copyright The demoscene grew up outside the market and laws that everybody had to follow. It is a very obscure, internal and bound subculture. Because most products are open source, remixing is very easy. Moreover, all the works are easy to reverse engineer since the code is always accessible through ‘disassembly’. (but it is harder to read that code, since ‘labels’ are removed. so there is no ‘free text’ anymore labeling a piece of the code as ‘jumping chains of death’, ’shitfuck’, or ‘dogman’, or lolcat). It is striking then, that even in this day and age, remixing doesn’t play a big role within the demoscene; in fact, the whole scene is based on an originality dogma. The people that are not doing cool stuff (like copying someone else’s code) are sanctioned by the collective by losing their ’status’. As history plays a paradoxical role, lately the chip music scene has had a lot of problems with copyright, since artists (like Crystal Castles and Nelly Furtado/Timbaland) from outside the scene have been ‘remixing’ music for commercial purposes, without permission from the makers. read more. […]

  10. Another Plagiarism « CHIPFLIP Says:

    […] electro artist Frankmusik has sampled a bit of a C64 tune from 1993 by the demoscener Jeff. After previous controversies there has been a fair amount of threads about ‘another theft from the scene’ in the […]

  11. Coincidence, Homage or Theft? « CHIPFLIP Says:

    […] from Ryuichi Sakamoto & David Sylvian (youtube). I’ve decided not to add this to the plagiarism page. Seems like Anggune is most similar to Sakamoto & Sylvian after all. […]

  12. TRUE CHIP TILL DEATH » Goto80 interview pt 2 Says:

    […] don’t speak for anyone but yourself but I would be interested in your take on this. On your plagiarism page you talk about the Demo Scene’s internal (and fairly effective) method of dealing with […]

  13. drx Says:


    the Jamster case went like this: The animator of the “crazy frog”, before known as “the annoying thing”, once contacted Bodenständig 2000 asking if he could use “In Rock 8 Bit” for his now legendary animation. At this point it was just some fun he made in his free time. We agreed on letting him do it, he was “one of us”.

    The video he made spread online, people posted it around in emails etc. Jamster in many cases just took animations that were popular online and sold them to people with mobile phones. The same here, they contacted the animator and licensed the video from him. The animator made clear that they didn’t have the rights to the sound track though. Bodenständig 2000 was never contacted.

    In Germany the daughter company Jamba ran TV ads with the “crazy frog” using another music, that sounded a quite familiar but was not the same. So we thought that everything was alright. But then fans from the rest of the world wrote emails to us stating that in their countries, Jamster was using the original tune in TV ads. It proved to be true, a bad-ass rip-off.

    Our hippie-publisher Stora/Freibank started some lawyer action. Some lawyers wrote some letters to each other, an expert was commissioned to prove that the tune is not a composition, another expert was commissioned to prove the opposite … in the end, after many years of paper being filled up, Bodenständig got some pocket money without a trial.

    Jamster until the end claimed that they have no idea themselves how often their spot was aired because “they keep no records”. People who watched TV during the period in question know that it was on almost every 15 minutes on music channels, for several weeks. However, the tune was never sold as a ringtone, but to advertise another ringtone.

    Well, i am glad its over, was just eating up nerves and energy.

    drx/Bodenständig 2000

  14. Saga Says:

    Just so you know, the modarchive ripper list is still online, but in a more “interactive” way – it’s hosted at our forums:

  15. Double Standard Says:

    8bc owner Jose Torres caught stealing schematics and software from:

    People need to know, see user Abrasive:

    For over more than a year he could have been completely capable of sorting out the issues with the original creators and giving dues where dues are deserved. Instead he profited from them throughout that time frame. Over the course of weeks certain people have found out and put pressure on him to force him to change things, instead he retaliated by deleting and banning left and right.

    Regardless, it any attempt to change any of this has been all talk so far and people should still know of his delinquent activity in regards to the 8bit/chip scene nonetheless. He is no different than Timbaland and the like, who have capitalized off the work of others without any shame or care. Nor should he be receiving special treatment simply because he is the owner of 8bc.

    • chipflip Says:

      Hello Double Standard. I’ve read about this at 8BC, but I want to get the facts straight before I write something. He admitted to using the code & schematics, but there are many question marks. If you have more information, feel free to e-mail me – info atatat goto80 dotdotdot comcomcom

  16. Oh no Another Plagiarism « CHIPFLIP Says:

    […] no Another Plagiarism By chipflip The witch-hunt for chipmusic plagiarizers has certainly cooled off, which is perhaps a good thing. But can someone identify the songs that […]

  17. Mewto Says: <– that link seems dead? has anyone a mirror?

  18. Chiptune, cuidado com o Plágio e o Sampling ! « Rebit Tracker Music Project Says:

    […] informações em: from → Curiosidades ← Protótipo MIDIbox SEQ V4 e BLM16×16+X No […]

  19. Dawson Says:

    If you want to, add sinsid ( to the list. He’s known for stealing various c64 artists work. A shame the admins at 8bc won’t take his account down!

  20. The Sound of Network Topologies | SU.KURI.MU Says:

    […] [13] It has been common in the chiptune community to try to track down such abuses and sometimes encourage suing. It is possible to find several “hall of shame” online that include reports from Crystal Castle heavy sampling to Fitts for Fight releasing stolen tracks as their own. […]

  21. Authenticity and Emulation: Chiptune in the Early TwentyFirst Century by Sebastian Tomczak | SID Media Lab Says:


  22. bigup2dance (@bigup2dance) Says:

    Unrelated to sids but related to sampling and “plagiarism”.

  23. Chip Music Piracy – Since the 1960s | CHIPFLIP Says:

    […] So this was actually the first chip music appropriation! Someone decided to put this out on vinyl without asking Peter about it. Makes you wonder, […]

  24. polski Says:

    I wouldn’t put sampling and people who sample chiptunes on the same page or in the same league as straight up plagiarism.

  25. Fobius Says:

    If I remember correctly, Hardy Hard was also known as Walkman, so it shouldn’t be on this list as he simply reworked his own song, right?

    • goto80 Says:

      Aha, do you have any more info on this? Admittedly I haven’t searched a lot, but as far as I can tell Hardy Hard is Kay Lippert from Germany, and I can’t find any records of him using the name Walkman.

  26. Unknown Chip Music Album From 1999 – Or Not? | CHIPFLIP Says:

    […] wouldn’t have made it into the timeline. Maybe it would have made it onto the badly named plagiarism page, though. There you can find die hard plagiarizers like Laromlab who performed, sold and […]

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