Performance of the Year

Performing chip music can be quite difficult. Check this guy rocking out! … to a song by Random!? … with keytar-faking… and on/off glitch visuals?

There are also videos of him performing Mesu Kasumai, Psilodump, Ten and Tracer, and on his Myspace there were songs made by Random, me, Combatdave, and Wiklund. Yesterday he removed the content from his Myspace, and the videos he posted at Youtube. This seems like one of the more obvious cases of plagiarism since Laromlab, and definitely the one with the hottest keytar faking! Stay tuned with this 8bc-thread.

Edit: ah wait, here he has the volume turned up on his mega-rig, to play along with Random’s song. Check out the lovely blöp böp böööl.

Update: TV Death Squad’s reply to Random: “ive had the whole world pissed off.. FIRST off i am a VJ, not a musician… i specialize in visuals, i am no different than an 8 bit dj with vocals… i have done nothing but help promote how bad ass your music is and even do visuals over it.. EVERYONE at the event knew who wrote every song, thats why i had the setlist with the artists names !! i can understand why your pissed, but it sincerely is not what you think.. anyways, if you or random or wik are upset ill remove any promo for you guys.. let me know”

VJ and music promoter, that’s one way of putting it. Also, Gameboy Genius has made a rundown of the thread at 8BC here.

9 Responses to “Performance of the Year”

  1. peter Says:

    Its like a multi-layered onion of shame.

  2. b-knox Says:

    jajajjajaja yeah
    this guy should win the TCTD Jagg-Off of the Year award

    JAGG OFF!!!! :D/

  3. Johannes Says:

    Ok, I can definitely see that people are pissed off, but i do adore the blöp böp bööl. I wish when he would return doing a The Real Milli Vanilli.

  4. velo Says:

    What a fucking liar! Promoting music my ass! On his myspace he renamed all the songs to something else. That right there proves a point. Another thing is if he’s a visual artist why the hell did he have other people’s songs up there? AND WHY THE FUCK DO YOU NEED A KEYTAR TO DO VISUALS?!?!?! Seriously, I could understand putting a record on or having your ipod nearby and doing visuals, but a keytar? And all those other gizmos? Give me a break. This dude’s just trying to save his sorry ass.

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  6. Sander Says:

    Convincing performance ;) I love how hard he tries to fake it – the more sad it looks today.

  7. animalstyle Says:

    right on. : ]

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  9. Akira Says:

    Performance of the year:!bw3OEt

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