Chipflip appeared in 2008 as a chipmusic research blog for a book chapter and master thesis. Since then the blog has also dealt with the cultures, aesthetics and ideologies of eg the demoscene, 8-bit art, text graphics, retro archiving, etc.

It was also a label of sorts, for a few years, and is since 2017 intertwined with the protoDATA label.

Chipflip is maintained by me, Anders Carlsson (aka Goto80) and I’ve been a chipmusician and demoscener since 1992. Publications, talks and other information

Releases:  chipflip.org
Text mode: text-mode.tumblr.com
Twitter: @goto80
Mail: info (:) goto80 (oO) com


14 Responses to “ABOUT”

  1. dr ops Says:

    hi, nice list!

    i’d like to state that Receptors / Mommy Was an Asteroid released a 7inch split ep vinyl in april of 2005.. it was a ‘gameboy’ side and an ‘atari’ side with a locked groove hidden track. the only instruments used were gameboy (lsdj, nanoloop 1.2) atari 2600(synthcart) stylophone vocoded midines for nes and sidstation.




  2. mail@delaware.gr.jp Says:

    I’d like to inform you about our new work:
    iPhone/iPodTouch application program:
    Re<ords 001

    Re<ords 001 spec:
    Sound and vision appli.
    Two songs.
    Picture records (A&B-side).
    S p i n.
    Z o o m.
    S c r a t c h.
    If you turn over your lovely machine, you can enjoy B-side!!

    promotion video!

    We released on App Store(Apple).


    One application program will be released every month in the Re<ords Series.
    We are also preparing the Bool<s Series of novels and picture books.
    It’s going to be released at the beginning of the new year.
    To the enjoyment.

    PUBLICATION is our main theme in 2009.
    Using a new distribution system called App Store, not the old one, we will become publisher by ourself and play about.

    For Your Killtime.
    New Publication.
    Make Appli Not War.
    New playground!


    Thank you + Enjoy.


  3. rez Says:

    hei Anders!

    where is the link to http://www.chiptune.com on your site ? :D

    btw, it’s a nice blog, I instantly subscribed to the rss feed :)

  4. Nicolas Williams Says:

    Hey man! Im currently doing my honours thesis on video game music and technology, and was wondering if you knew of any good academic sources, or composers of video game music who would be willing to be interviewed? Im still in the “data capturing phase” of the research so anything would be great. Thanks!

    • chipflip Says:

      Hi, there’s a list of academic writing here: https://chipflip.wordpress.com/chipmusic
      As for who’s willing to be interviewed, I guess you’ll just have ask to them :)

    • chipflip Says:

      Oh, and also, if you’re willing to share the text once it’s finished it would be interesting to read it!

    • Nicolas Williams Says:

      cool thanks, was just wondering if you came across any composers who were particularly willing to give interviews :D Sure, it will only be done around october this year, and will consist of around 30 odd pages of double spaced type, but i could upload it, and you would be more than welcome to host it on your site, or just use it for your own reading if you like :) thanks again

  5. DemoScene Music History Lesson. « ghosty net Says:

    […] to talking about the history and technology of the movement, but that he is actually working on a Master’s Thesis on the subject.  This in turn, led me to find several books on the subject of video game sounds/ music over at […]

  6. Chrissie Says:

    I had no idea you could do a PhD in chipmusic. I might to rethink my academic career :p

    • chipflip Says:

      I only did a MSc. But little-scale was building interfaces for chipmusic for his PhD (the book is coming later this year).

  7. A Short History of Hardcore Chipmusic | CHIPFLIP Says:

    […] off that X wasn’t mentioned? Please help me to document this history by making a comment or get in touch. […]

  8. Ho Says:

    Wrong information

    My 666 005 ingler “antenne medical” should not be listed
    It was made with a 12bit sampler
    P2002-p2000 and a arp odyssey, not amiga trax

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