Oh no More Plagiarisms

As the previous post about HtheB is getting more complete, his other activities have been scrutinized by the Ant1/Strobe detective team over here. HtheB has released music in a number of NintendoDS-games. Since these games use MOD-files and there are massive MOD-archives around, it is possible to search for MOD-files that has exactly the same filesize. It paid off, because HtheB did not change anything in the songs (except for the author name).

The game MancalaDS uses:

The game MegaEtk uses:

The game No Place to Hide uses:

The game Blubb 3D uses:

This is an interesting consequence of ‘open source’ tracker music. All the sounds and sequences are available in the file, as opposed to recorded music. With recorded music, you would instead analyse the frequency spectrum, like the spectrum analysis that Nitro2k01 made with Crystal Castles. This is, of course, a glimpse into the future when we won’t be so hung up on recordings of music but have found more interesting ways of distributing music.

Anyway. As Strobe points out – please note that the game developers are not to blame here. Just like when Laromlab gave Kentucky Fried Prophet one of my songs, they probably assumed that the music wasn’t made by other people.

UPDATE As Strobe briefly mentions in the forum thread, HtheB has apparently done many of these things before. Aleksi Eeben found this thread about him using other people’s code, and I guess there’s plenty more to be found.

UPDATE2 And now for the final straw that atleast made me laugh.

So Clémence found this clip here, where it says that the song is made by Achim89. Others say that it was made by Firestorm. HtheB prefers it like this, so he files a copyright claim. I think it’s hilarious :-)

15 Responses to “Oh no More Plagiarisms”

  1. Oh no Another Plagiarism « CHIPFLIP Says:

    […] chipmusic and 8-bit art « Passionately fucking the scene: Skrju Oh no More Plagiarisms […]

  2. honorabili Says:

    Interesting… I guess it would be sampling?

  3. Rhubmewd Says:

    are thoose games comercial titles?

    • chipflip Says:

      not as far as i know. one of them won some competition, but that’s about all i know about them.

  4. peter Says:

    I’ll put it this way.. Sampling is trans-formative, and plagiarism is derivative. CC stole drum loops, so as far as I am concerned it is merely unauthorized sampling. I think chipgoons wouldve been fine if they weren’t so blase about the whole appropriation.

    This guy is stealing whole songs and claiming he wrote them, AND using them for commercial gain… Which do YOU think is worse?

    I like sampling music, and feel that a great song could be made from chip loops using the right hands.. but can remix culture ever truly respect something they dont fear via litigation? Stuff like this gives the free music culture a bad name i guess..

  5. Saga Says:

    Is he a kleptomaniac? It almost looks like a mental sickness, he just can’t stop stealing. Or he’s simply lame, realizing that he and what he does worth nothing.

    • chipflip Says:

      yeah, i’m really curious as to why people do this aswell. there are all kinds of psychological theories that could fit in :)

  6. TRUE CHIP TILL DEATH • TCTD Links for 2010-05-26 Says:

    […] chipflip chiptheft post just got more interesting: https://chipflip.wordpress.com/2010/05/25/oh-no-more-plagiarisms/ 9 hrs […]

  7. ant1 Says:

    Well, there’s certainly enough evidence against this guy anyway, but for the sake of (almost) completeness here’s “his” music for the DS homebrew game Blubb 3D.

    Oistein Eide – epic (title) (2nd version).mod
    Basehead – crusader – no remorse – military.ft
    Ramosa – introtune.mod
    Greg Tuby – wild perspective.mod
    Otis – trancelation 2.mod

    … and one other tune I couldn’t find.

  8. Greg Tuby Says:

    I suppose the irony here is, that he’s stolen a track of mine – while I run one of the largest user supported module archives on the web! Heh!

    • chipflip Says:

      It’s archives like yours that make this happen ;) ;)

      • Greg Tuby Says:

        The archives ‘make’ it happen? I disagree. I disagree on the basis that a persons intent makes it happen. Intent makes the sampletexts disappear. Intent makes the song titles change. Even though you ;) I’d rather not be tarred with that rather unpleasant brush you are holding.

    • chipflip Says:

      I guess it was an unnecessary joke — really thought you would understand the sarcasm. Sorry if I offended you. Of course I don’t blame you for anything. On the contrary, I appreciate all the work you’ve put into modarchive.

  9. ronny engmann // rngmnn + dalezy // electronic music, chiptunes, dark ambient, acoustic doom and drone music Says:

    another chiptune theft…

    anders over at chipflip brought this to my attention. a guy called htheb stole chiptunes by some artists from the demoscene and sold them on an album, claiming all this being his work. among them was one of my old amiga mods from 1996 (“back to t…

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