Coincidence, Homage or Theft?

Over at CSDb there have been some new discoveries about sampling/covering C64-music. What would you call these?

Anggune – Seize The Moment (2009). Uses the same key and mostly the same notes as in Rob Hubbards track for International Karate. Watch youtube clips here and here. What makes it troublesome to me is that it could have been a coincidence (it is not the most elaborate piece of music?), but more importantly that Hubbard borrowed the theme from Ryuichi Sakamoto & David Sylvian (youtube). I’ve decided not to add this to the plagiarism page. Seems like Anggune is most similar to Sakamoto & Sylvian after all. :)

Abe Duque – Champagne Days, Cocaine Nights (2003). Extensively samples the C64-tune Knight Tyme by David Whittaker. Excerpt from Duque’s tune here. According to discogs credits are in the notes of the record. Hmm, well. Added to the plagiarism page, although I would more call it sampling than plagiarising.

Harmonic 313 – Cyclotron C64sid (2009?). This is apparently a new artist on the Warp roster, and he has made this mash-up that contains samples from video games. It is pretty difficult to spot the originals though – BMX Kidz and Gods probably, Arkanoid most definitely. But the point is maybe that this 1 minute song reaks of “sampling aesthetics”. It is meant to sound fragmented and eclectic, and the sources of the samples are either hard or irrelevant to spot (since it’s only snippets). The aura referenced is 80s videogames in general, not specific ones. In short, this is what I would call fair use.

2 Responses to “Coincidence, Homage or Theft?”

  1. TRUE CHIP TILL DEATH » Coincidence, Homage or Theft? on CHIPFLIP Says:

    […] Coincidence, Homage or Theft? « CHIPFLIP. Share […]

  2. freedrull Says:

    michael jackson’s sonic 3:

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