Oh no Another Plagiarism

The witch-hunt for chipmusic plagiarizers has certainly cooled off, which is perhaps a good thing. But can someone identify the songs that HtheB has released in his album -=HtheB=-? I think they’re still at Spotify and iTunes though I’m blind at those sites.

Orbiter first posted about it in the the mega-thread at pouet in November last year and not much has happened since. The chip-styled songs of HtheB are: Commodore 64, Final Boss, Dance to the Rhythm, ROFL song, Victorious, and Happy Hardcore. I would not be surprised if the other songs are made by demosceners aswell though.

If you have a minute to spare, have a listen and help out. With Exotica’s Modland Search you can search various chip-formats, including the instrument-texts of e.g. mod/xm. Let’s start detecting, detectives! So far, with help from Dubmood and Eebliss here and comments from Ant1 & Rez & Clémence & Strobe we have the following songs. BONUS: Some of the album cover art is copy-pasted from here (as found by Clémence Saussez).

1. Dream Egg (Dance Mix) by Haroon Piracha mp3
2. The Edge by Eiffel 65 youtube
3. Unreeeal Superhero 3.xm by Rez & Kenët
5. mod.Intro.DSX.4 by DSX
6. from the game osu, unknown author youtube
7. mod.Back 2 the Roots by Dalezy
9. mod.Disco Vering by Joule
11. mod.Cloze Doze by Beathawk
12. mod.Brillsmurf by Maniac
14. Perhaps by Achim89 or Firestorm? see video here

UPDATE: For more HtheB action read this post.

29 Responses to “Oh no Another Plagiarism”

  1. rez Says:

    I found two:

    n°5 is “intro.dsx.4” by DSX (http://chiptune.com/chiple/?tab=c&q=intro.dsx.4)

    n°9 is “Disco vering” by Joule (http://chiptune.com/chiple/?tab=c&q=disco+vering&btnG=Search)

  2. Elrinth Says:


    Yeah I checked it up. His stolen tracks are still up at spotify. Grrr. I’ll see if I can contact spotify about it.

  3. jikoo Says:

    I checked all. Oh fuck ! It is true ! I hate plagiarists. Thank you for your work. I wrote a shout on LastFM and put your link too.

    Also, I updated my main Chipmusic page with a ‘Plagiarism’ section.

    Thx detective ! ;)

  4. 10k Says:

    Booo. What a douche.

  5. bittin Says:

    #spotify on irc.freenode.net has Spotify workers on it so if you spam that channel, they might remove it from there :)

  6. ant1 Says:

    Track 6?

    I don’t know any more info (who’s it by, etc), sorry (have just youtube-searched for mario techno remix and found it in about 3 minutes).

    Seems to be from a game called Osu! – http://osu.ppy.sh/s/628 – but the artist there is just credited as Nintendo, not helpful!

  7. Fuck You Says:


    Fuck you, asshole.

  8. ant1 Says:

    Track 1 is Dream Egg (Dance Mix) by Haroon Piracha

    [audio src="http://www.rpgamer.com/games/xeno/xg/sounds/mp3/DreamEggDanceMix(HaroonPiracha).mp3" /]

    Hotlinking is forbidden so go to rpgamer.com/games/xeno/xg first and then copy the rest in your url bar? :)

  9. ant1 Says:

    Ok maybe hotlinking works? Whatever… :)

  10. Saga Says:

    Isn’t the second track even a commercial track? It sounds extremely familiar to me, but not from the scene.

  11. julz Says:

    Yes, the second track is commercial and not from the scene.
    I’m trying to remember the name…

  12. ant1 Says:

    ant1/strobe detective team has also found:

    The music he “wrote” the music for this DS homebrew game: http://tdpodcast.com/dshomebrew/?p=332

    it’s by Dalezy, Heatbeat and Azazel.

    Heatbeat – intromuz-6.hb.mod
    Dalezy – intro numma (70).mod
    Azazel – naturvetarna 1b.mod


  13. ant1 Says:

    “His” game:

    Beathawk – aghrrmy tuuns.mod
    Mr Death – glassbilens glassar.mod

  14. ant1 Says:

    Track 7 (final boss)

    back 2 the roots!.mod by Dalezy


    (i think! i’m no good at listening xD)

  15. Clémence Says:

    Track 2: Eiffel 65 – The Edge :)

    • Saga Says:

      Ahaha, that’s it indeed! Someone should tell Eiffel 65 (or their record label) about this. I bet he would be in INSTANT and BIG trouble then!

  16. jikoo Says:

    I wrote to iTunes Store/Apple.com to delete this album on iTunes Store.

  17. jikoo Says:

    Nice Clemence ! That is it !

  18. Lynx Says:

    Green jacket, gold jacket.. who gives a crap?

    OH NOES! I just plagearism’d!

  19. Houwelhorst Says:

    http://www.bestpiratecostumeideas.com/ <= Here is the pirate from his last.fm-profile!

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  21. Clémence Says:

    I searched for track #14, the super mario hardcore remix:


    Laughing or crying – I’m not sure what to do

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