eMod: a Universal Tracker?

About a year ago I read about a tracker that would be able to import music made by other trackers, from various platforms. To my surprise, there is now a beta version out! “There are hundreds of possible types of files that this program will need to work with; most of them i have no idea about yet, because i’ve not studied them, or not even heard about them. I believe my vision is possible.”

For now it only handles a few Amiga tracker formats (Future Composer 1.0-1.4, Delta Music 2.x, and 4-channel Protracker) and only works for Windows. But soon there will be support for e.g Fasttracker and SID (!) and he also mentions VST, MIDI, and visualizers.

It’s not supposed to go public yet, but it doesn’t hurt to give it a go. So far my Amiga music plays well – although eMod sounds different from both Deliplayer and my Amiga1200 (so, it’s not only because of PC-jitter?). But let’s try not to swamp the man with requests and bug reports. Read his post about what (not) to expect and download the beta version here. And be very afraid of the future.

update: btw, check KEEP for an even more gigantic emulation project

One Response to “eMod: a Universal Tracker?”

  1. TRUE CHIP TILL DEATH • eMod Universal Tracker Appeared Says:

    […] CHIPFLIP has news of a new universal tracker in the works for Windows: eMod is being made with a vision to provide several tools to work with music modules of any format, across multiple platforms (amiga included of course!). […]

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