Reggae Dub(step)

American DJ Squincy Jones recently put out his Nintendub session which is not for the die hard chip-ears – see it more as a “crunkstep” set with the occassional occurence of NES-stuff. It would be nice to hear more chipmusic with a taste of dub, 2-step, grime, and these things. Quarta330 might be the most famous in this area, recently releasing a 12″ on the prominent label Hyperdub. Quarta has not been spreading MP3s around like most chipmusic people, but now you can download a live-set he performed a few months ago in Tokyo here. Another Japanese act with Gameboys and effects is Cow’p, also making some fresh dub, dancehall and jungle things. Check out this and this and download more from his site.

Although the music of the netlabel Jahtari is nice digital dub, I didn’t find much with Ataris or chipmusic, except for Dubmood‘s release. But 8-bit dub has been made well by the demoscene group Up Rough for quite a while. Most of it is sample based Amiga MOD-music, performed with brilliance by for example Skope and Mortimer Twang. But the two most recent releases are C64 songs: Move Move Dub 000 and Move Move Dub 001 by Mortimer Twang. Slowly moving out of the world of Amiga demoscene, Up Rough for example has a radio that you can tune into now. Most of it is Amiga or C64 stuff, and far from just dub. Another member of Up Rough is that bastard Goto80, who has made dub-smelling music aswell, for example: Ajvar Relish and Emanation Machine (Hard Dub).

8 Responses to “Reggae Dub(step)”

  1. runkbaset Says:

    hey i was thinking about u listening to that squincy jones-shit and was gonna tell u about it, but its nice to see ur already on top of things!
    but too little nes in that one, like u said.!!!!

    dubstep can be pretty good… the Dj nappy-blends are cool… u should get them if you can.

    im downloading the recommendations from this post…

    and nice blogg by the way ;)

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  4. chipflip Says:

    486kid? // // bitmuch? //

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