2.0 Dub Brains

Sometimes it feels like all this 2.0 web stuff just makes you lazy and only keep up with your usual RSS-feeds. Hm, so I need your help to keep up with Metrodub, which I found out about today at 8BC. Right now there are two dubstep-ish tracks by Minikomi. Coming up next is the Japanese Shex, who happens to be one of my favourite artists! It is playful, non-aggressive chaos-music , and with very tasty bits of chippery here and there. So stay tuned, and tune me in too, and drop out the 2.0!

For your weekend needs, please tune in to The Brain which is dj absurdities involving the french mastermind Puyo Puyo. Hello.

3 Responses to “2.0 Dub Brains”

  1. puterman Says:


  2. chipflip Says:


  3. tonyyy Says:

    metrodubs are nice nice good, so thankx for sharing with us!

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