Music you should hear: ???

The Canadian artist called ??? (myspace, 8bc) makes sweet dub/beats/skweee oriented Gameboy music with the occasional guest instrument. It’s like a less melancholic Quarta330 perhaps. I first heard him over at the great Metrodub netlabel, but for some reason it didn’t catch on to me. At some point he deleted all his songs from 8BC because he thought no one listened to it. When Dot.AY inspired him to re-upload them, I got more into his music.

Maybe it gets a bit too square-beepy in the long run (like most Gameboy music I suppose). But check out songs like Peanut Butter Brain and it’s wonky beats. Yum-yum. Maybe you can find something related here. Okay, gotta run. Enjoy!

8 Responses to “Music you should hear: ???”

  1. vim Says:

    That style of bumpy, lumpy instrumental hip-hop that the creators of which hate being refered to as ‘wonky’ is heavily influenced by chip sounds. You frequently hear square bass, arpeggios, bits taken from NES games. – here’s a good example, Spotted by Heralds of Change.

    ???’s stuff is coming at it from the other end, bringing the chip influence from the source. I’m surprised there isn’t more stuff like it about (lord knows I’m making a bit myself).

    • chipflip Says:

      Nice! I really like this kind of ‘hip hop’. I’ve mostly heard Cuppcave (who did Gameboy-stuff as Qwertypak) – – and Herrmutt Lobby (where Chantal Goret takes part), who doesn’t really have any of their low-fi FM/C64-stuff online unfortunately.

      If you know of any more in these styles, we’d like to hear about it. And come on, do make some self-promotion! :)

  2. ??? Says:

    I think people don’t make a lot of “pure chip” wonky beat like these because it’s really hard to get that feel when you’re stuck with a tracker grid (maybe i’m not good enough with the tempo commands). Peanut butter brain was made with MidiNES so i could make a really cool shuffle in the beat, but my other songs are not really funky/wonky and more straight or snapped to grid.

    • chipflip Says:

      Yeah I think you’re right. Especially in trackers where tracks/channels are not separated (soundtrackers) it can get a bit messy. But in LSDj it’s quite easy, since you have for example groove tables for each track (up to 8 or 16 steps, iirc) and delay-commands in patterns (to get out of the grid).

      • iLKke Says:

        Necroposting but just wanted to mention that in say protracker you can still:
        -change tempo on each step
        -use wonky retriggers
        -use sample loops for pitch-dependant speed
        -set tempo to F01 and then you can do pretty much anything, including c64 style wavesequencing :)

      • goto80 Says:

        Yep, good points. + one can use off-sets for samples with the 9xx command (and in Renoise the hi-res delay-command means that it’s practically as precice as any DAW). But it takes a lot of work to mimick “bad live playing”, which of course (sometimes) also made it more fun.

      • iLKke Says:

        Ah, indeed! If we’re talking Renoise then there’s also the option of setting random form LFOs to control another LFO and set that one to control the native retrigger DSP. Deffinitely not a lot of work to set up infinite wonkiness, but random-ish results mean that you can’t recreate that one awesome moment easily. If only it could be baked into commands or envelopes somehow

  3. ►??? « CHIPFLIP Says:

    […] bass around, but since then it has become pretty common. The Canadian mystery man known as ??? is one of the top players, fusing reggae and hip hop into a melodic and fönky sauce, oscillating between dub and skweee. […]

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