Go ahead! Yeah! ► PRESS PLAY ON ??? (download: 1 2)

A few years ago there wasn’t much chip bass around, but since then it has become pretty common. The Canadian mystery man known as ??? is one of the top players, fusing reggae and hip hop into a melodic and fönky sauce, oscillating between dub and skweee. With one of the most ungoogliest names around, his music used to be pretty complicated to find (since he deleted it all the time), but then he released Wall You Need is Love on Pause in 2011.

His next release is right here, at Chipflip. No titles, no bullshit – pure irreductionsm! It consists of two mixes of 30 minutes each, accessible through an interface made by the Venezuelan artist ui. The first mix is a set of Gameboy dub, in ???’s characteristic carefree style. The second one is more hip hoppy, and also shows off some of his wobbly C64-songs. The hip hop mix also contains an Amiga remix that I made. Can you find it? Btw, ??? also makes less chippy stuff as Babaji Beat. Fade Runner

3 Responses to “►???”

  1. Stone Oakvalley Says:

    Would it be wrong if he’d been called “question mark question mark question mark” ?. Mark Question. :-)

    • goto80 Says:

      ‘qqq’ seems to be pretty established, as an abbreviation for question mark question mark question mark. But my folder at home is still called question mark question mark question mark. Let’s say it one more time: question mark question mark question mark.

  2. ???-remix « GOTO8O Says:

    […] remix for ???’s excellent dub/skweee/hiphop release which you can consume here (or read about here). And btw, the next release for Chipflip is already in the works and it’s going to be a […]

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