Even More Amiga Hardcore

One of my everlasting side projects is the Timeline. That’s where I collect 8-bit related music releases, art projects, events, soft- and hardware, and so on. The main purpose was to give an overview of records that was primarily made with 8-bit hardware.

If you look at the 1990’s in the timeline, you will see tons of music made on the Amiga. And most of them are pretty hardcore – gabber, breakcore, speedcore, etcetera. Most people wouldn’t call it chip music but it is nevertheless made in a tracker, using 8-bit sounds, on an iconic 80’s home computer.

For the past weeks I’ve been getting back into this. I met Hexadeci at Bit Grid in Antwerp, who pointed me towards two Italian gabber heads who’s used the Amiga since the 1990’s: The Destroyer and Koney (nice n’ oldskool websites too). And also some other people, who I haven’t been able to reach just yet.

Low Entropy recently made me discover several potential Amiga releases, which I’m currently digging into. And then Syphus tells me he went to see Laurent Ho at a rave in Newcastle, and Laurent commented here at Chipflip about the Timeline the day after. Perhaps he and DJ UEP of Geordie Gabba Mafia were doing a bit of the Amiga gabber reminiscing?

Anyway, here’s today’s favourite Amiga gabber. I’m pretty sure Patric Catani was involved with this one…


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