Magazine talks chip music in 1985

This continues the previous post about the word chip music.

So, 4mat pointed me to Hally – the Japanese guy who used to run back in the days and also makes great turbso chip music himself. He mentioned that a computer magazine mentions chip music already in 1985!

Thanks to, we can see that on page 5 in Commodore World #10, 1985, under The Well Tempered 64, it reads: Be a really big noise with another dose of chip music.


So… The editors thought that most of the readers already knew what chip music was? Or they thought it was intuitive enough, so most people would get it anyway? Maybe the term didn’t exist yet, and they just made something up? Hm…

Answer one of these questions in the comments for a chance to win an ice cream!

8 Responses to “Magazine talks chip music in 1985”

  1. Истоки термина "chip music" Says:

    […] UPD: Официальное уточнение от тех же господ. Термин «chip music» чуть старше, это 1985 год […]

  2. utz Says:

    Yes, great find. Can’t answer any of the questions, but maybe the man himself can? He’s on twitter:

  3. Marilou Polymeropoulou Says:

    My guess is that it was intuitive. In discussions – at the time – on sound chips, would people refer to them simply as ‘chips’? If so, then I assume that why not refer to music made on these as ‘chip music’? If that’s the case then the meaning of the term would be revolving around the medium, the music-generating device and not the culture or anything else for what it’s worth… Like ‘ice music’, ‘vegetable music’ today…

    • goto80 Says:

      Yes, I think that’s a reasonable assumption. At the time others talked about micro music (short for micro computer music) and computer music as well, for the same reasons.

  4. Phil South Says:

    I haven’t re-read the whole four part series yet but at the time there wasn’t really any name for making music on computers, so I probably just said the first thing that came into my head :D 32 years ago, wow. And I’m just getting back into programmin the C64 now as it goes.

  5. Early Amiga chiptuneries | CHIPFLIP Says:

    […] terms chipmusic and chiptune was sparsely used during the 1980’s and started to become popular on the Amiga around 1990. It seems like it referred to both synthetic […]

  6. Истоки термина "chip music" | 8-bit music, chiptune, золото Says:

    […] UPD: Официальное уточнение от тех же господ. Термин “chip music” чуть старше, это 1985 год […]

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