4-mat: 1989-2009: Chipmusic: Code: History

4-mat is one of the few composers who has been continuously active with chipmusic for 20 years – commercially aswell as in demos/crackintros. He’s also programmed a number of very good 8-bit productions for various 8-bit machines in Ate Bit such as the amzing 1k intro In A Loop (which doesn’t loop). He recently started a blog where he’s been posting all his chipmusic from 1989 to 2009, his own music drivers for the odd TED-chip inside C16/Plus4, and an interesting text about the beginning of (sample-based) chipmusic around 1989, and its due course up to today: 1 2 3. So yeah, if you haven’t checked out his stuff, you should. There’s not any real punchline to this post, no juicy gossip or strange theories. Btw, he just posted about the origins of  “that Paranoimia track” and supplied a previously unavailable music disk of the original author.

5 Responses to “4-mat: 1989-2009: Chipmusic: Code: History”

  1. TRUE CHIP TILL DEATH • TCTD micronews for 2009-12-10 Says:

    […] 1989-2009: Chipmusic: Code: History https://chipflip.wordpress.com/2009/12/10/4-mat-1989-2009-chipmusic-code-history/ 5 hrs […]

  2. yonxUP Says:

    this trend of old boys putting up awesome blogs is crazy cool! are there more examples of this in addition to 4mat and neil baldwin?

  3. chipflip Says:

    i can’t think of any more. well. hmm. aleksi eeben has a twitter :)

  4. sponxy Says:

    man e bitter va. o en kör twitter va. o en twittrer om fitter va.

  5. disconinjaz Says:

    “In a Loop” is amazing!

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