Neurobit: 8″ 8-bit Release Made of Plastic

Neurobit is a Dutch 8-bit ambient/noise artist working with Gameboy/NintendoDS/etc and lots of effect pedals to create some pretty lush-horror sounds. He has also released breakcore-oriented things as Rioteer. Neurobit just released an 8″ single that is not made of vinyl but from recycled plastic bottles. So it’s light and has its own sound to it, I suppose. Both songs are improvised Gameboy music, with no post-production. If there is a real deal, this might be it! “Every record is individually cut and all the artwork had to be delivered on a printed sheet of paper and was photocopied for the labels.” Limited edition of 100, so get it while it’s hot! More info here.

4 Responses to “Neurobit: 8″ 8-bit Release Made of Plastic”

  1. TRUE CHIP TILL DEATH • TCTD micronews for 2009-12-11 Says:

    […] Neurobit: 8? 8-bit Release Made of Plastic […]

  2. Akira Says:

    This is very interesting, with the oil peak, vinyl records will soon be a small fortune :P

  3. chipmonster Says:

    I like to save the environment by pitching my tunes up several octaves. You can play my wax at 1RPM and it still sounds good. The savings on energy is massive.


  4. disconinjaz Says:

    btw, talking about materials, in soviet union there was an interesting movement “music on bones”

    basicly, undeground record studios used x-ray fotos as a source

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