More Boiling Amiga Electro Wikkedism

Thanks to Otro (again), here is a second quick post about Amiga electro (and maybe it needs to be pointed out, like Akira did: electro before it started to mean Justice, hehe).

It & My Computer is a French artist who released electro synth pop music made with Amiga and keyboards already in 2000. I managed to find his first 12″ called Eat My Computer. I am not sure to what extent it’s the internal sound of the Amiga, but the music reminds me a lot of Amiga MOD music around 1990 with similar dry sounds and minimal composition. This is in part because the ST-01 and ST-02 sample disks, that were so heavily used on the Amiga for the first years, included many preset sounds from the synthesizers of those days, such as the Yamaha DX-21 (similar to DX-7).

Like It & My Computer says himself,using 8-bit sound machines was not very trendy in 2000, even if the compositions could be blamed for having something trendy about them. But it doesn’t really matter. With the combination of Amiga 500, Yamaha DX-7 and a Casio keyboard – it’s party ganze nacht anyway!

“At the end of my student period, in 1997, I decided to make music more seriously and intensly. “Plexxy” became “It & My Computer” (one of the first projects at this period using cheap 8 bit sounds, amiga, etc… I didn’t know that way of creation would become a kind of musical fashion 3 or 4 years later…anyway I had no choice because I had no money, so I composed mu music with an amiga 500, a dx7, one little casio keyboard and my rhythm box Realistic. Later I got my first tr 808.” /

Latest rumour is that Josh Wink used the Amiga. Who’s got the other rumours? Dig ’em up, girls and boys!

9 Responses to “More Boiling Amiga Electro Wikkedism”

  1. chipflip Says:

    amiga live-set 2009:
    aphrodite / urban shakedown: which songs?
    super sharp shooter by dj zinc

    + ask around @

  2. Akira Says:

    It’s a load of acts who used the Amiga back then and from time to time might blow the dust off it and use it again.
    Many of the ungle heads like Paradox started with trackers… Back then, the only way to chop an amen break in the way they did (and for free!), was using a tracker.

    Muffler is one of my favourite drum & bass producers, who started with the Amiga making banging tracks for Haujobb, Darkage and others.

    The list is veeery huge!

    I also remember Herr Galatran mentioning his findings of Amiga diskettes full of jungle samples from the 90s, more than probably from one of the guys who afterwards became well known.

  3. Akira Says:

    damn, that DEBUG liveset is amazing.,.

    a very pumping dosage of currently fashionable electro/tech-house/fidget house shenanigans…. VERY good! Is that just Amigas being played live?

  4. chipflip Says:

    yes, there are a lot of acts that used/use Amiga, but i think it is good to compile a list of atleast some of them. if you have any more suggestions, i would be happy to hear them!

    and yes, the debug liveset is damn impressive. afaik, it’s two a500 playing. apparently he’s in europe now – he’ll play at evoke in august. guess it doesn’t fit in chipmusic parties though. ;D

  5. otro Says:

    eheh dudes =) st01llionaires !!

  6. chipflip Says:

    paradox live in 2008 w/ a1200 >

    dj valyom: image + review of red sector

    rumours: chemical brothers, nation xii, front 242…

    ural 13 diktators:

  7. cTrix Says:

    chipfilm: Yep – in Europe. I just played at Evoke demoparty but will also be playing a chip gig later in the year in Aus. :-)

    Akari: Yep – it’s all from segmented MOD files with loop commands split into 2 parts (output L&R) so they can have seperate EQ and effects run externally :-) I only have 2 Amigas so I can switch between them – although havn’t got sync lock just yet. All tunes play fine on an A500 and I’ve made self-play MOD versions of most tunes as a backup. The new replay software that’s being worked on might require an A1200 purely because I’ll also be running a 5th channel for MIDI to link to my C64 MSSAHI Cart (or however it’s spelt… it’s the new Prophet64 cart) & BC16 synth.

  8. chipflip Says:

    Koney, live hardcore with Amiga:

  9. goto8Ö Says:

    that’s the wrong clip, fool

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