Legowelt – Amiga Railroad Adventures

Here you can listen to previews of Legowelt’s new album, made with modular synths, 808, and an Amiga 1200 with OctaMED. For those unfamiliar with his works, it’s cold disco electro. Period. Hehe. It doesn’t sound like chip music at all (to me). I am not even sure if OctaMED is just used as a MIDI-sequencer (are you?), without using the internal sound of the Amiga, but it’s still good news with some Amiga-related stuff…

Back next week with some LCP+BLIP-details, now off to the islands.

One Response to “Legowelt – Amiga Railroad Adventures”

  1. Smackio Says:

    Its all internal sound of the Amiga except for the drums and the occasional sample.
    I don’t consider the Amiga a chip music machine but I see it as an 8 bit sampling workstation drummachine sequencer like an SP1200. The tracks are octamed med files and the 2 outputs of the Amiga are fed through the MS10 and MS20’s filters. The Octamed instruments were sampled with an AURA 12 bit sampler and converted to 8 bit from A Roland Juno 106 and Poly 800…I still use the old cotamed version from 1993 with that weird alien playing synths at the start up. Hope this clears things up.

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