Playlist of good C64 music

Yesterday jacob at Mikrogalleriet asked me for a playlist of good C64-music so I picked some random stuff out. I thought I’d share it here aswell, but I was too lazy to link them all (like before). So your mission is: find the songs over at (150,000 songs recorded from real C64s), download both 6581 and 8580 versions, and feel the difference before the difference feels you! The point is that you’ll get some nice new music and maybe understand a bit more about the nerdery of sound chip comparisons. 6581 is the old model of the C64 soundchip (dirty sound, narrow filter span, bigger variation in general, good sample playback) and 8580 is the new one (more waveforms, clean filter). 8580 = 6582? Blablabla. Yo deejay pump this party!

rob hubbard – mega apocalypse (oldschool space war electro 1987)
jeff – anal’ogue (newskool bass funk rave 1996)
zardax – alka (melancholy 1996)
zardax – suerya (happiness 1996)
johannes bjerregaard – alf tv theme (even better than the real thing 1988)
soundemon – tamaking (industrialish 2002)
jammer – hvsc (speech synthesis funk 2006)
jammer – mr marvellous (speech synthesis funk 2006)
viznut – progress without progress (anti capitalist 6581 singing 2006)
pri – slap chill out (fonk! 1994)
aleksi eeben – grandrules 1-4 (death metal epic 2002) (mixed mp3 here)
raveguru – assid (8580-acid in all its simplicity 2004)
martin galway – wizball (the ultimate intro, as outro 1987)

4 Responses to “Playlist of good C64 music”

  1. Sebastian Tomczak Says:

    i think this is exactly what i need to do when i get up tomorrow morning, thanks for the post!

  2. jellica Says:

    nice one for the Aleksi Eeben – The Grand Rules – i’ve been looking for tracks that were deffo made in john player, nice to see what its capable of

  3. Akira Says:

    I made a little list myself once, with my current Favourites list on SIDPlay.
    It hasn’t changed that much since, so here goes nothing:

  4. Akira Says:

    Bloody wordpress won’t let me attach images.

    Here’s the link:

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