Hello Welle: Erdball

Welle: Erdball is a German band who’s been using the C64 since the mid-1990s. They are one of the more known bands in the synth/goth-circles, I’ve been told. They’ve appeared in the demoscene and released C64-software along with their CDs. It’s all very sort of German synth-pop style, which is fair enough. I guess Welle: Erdball is one of few examples of a crossover between the chipscene, demoscene and synthscene. BMI is the only other example I can think of right now. (Still, I’d say that the Amiga chipmusic of the 1990s shared alot with the synthpop of the time)

I browsed through (a torrent of) their discography to see if any of their releases should be placed in the timeline. As far as I could find, none of their releases included more than the occasional C64-song. I chose to include Super 8 (2001) in the timeline since it has two C64-songs and because it felt like this band should be in there somehow. Here’s a list of C64-songs (100%, sort-of, or seemingly) that I found.

23 (2000)
8-bit Märchenland (2003)
Alles Luege (2006)
Commodore C=64 (2002)
Contergan (2002)
Das Alpha Tier (2006)
Funkbereit (2002)
Kneif Mich! (2006)
Meine Klangwelt (2004)
Mensch Aus Glas (2003)
Monoton & Minimal (1998/2002)
Super 8 (2001)
Tanz Eiskalt (2001)
Tanzpalast (1996)
Und Es Geht Ab (2008)
Wer Hat Uns Umgebracht (1995)

Having browsed through their catalogue, I realised that their C64-music is usually a version of another song. “Monoton & Minimal (C=64 version)”, “Commodore 64 (C=64 version)”, etc. So a simple search gives the same result as my effort did.


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