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Free Friday Music on a Wednesday: little-scale

December 2, 2009

Check Handheld Heroes for little-scale‘s new release: Nothing Has Been Left Unspoken. As usual it is a delicate mixture of melancholy, spacious harmonies, crispy 8-bits, hardware hacking and FM and PSG. Being a multi-instrumentalist, this time he uses Sega Mega Drive, Atari 2600 and Commodore 64. For the last few years, little-scale from Australia has shown great new approaches to chipmusic by merging hardware hacking, programming and music. Little-scale is a good example of how hardcore technology appropriation/appreciation goes hand in hand with composition. He has transgressed many soundchips, but his music is good regardless (I think).

For example, take Molecules from his last release. I’m just guessing, but perhaps he’s using the Atari2600 for which he’s made several hacks. In this song, he’s doing something apparently basic: playing samples and slightly detuning a pulsewave melody over time. Thing is, this hasn’t been done on the Atari2600 before because its timbre & tuning is quite odd. But also, this kind of detuning is rare to hear in chipmusic in general. Most chipmusic is fixed to chromatic scales, and it is surprisingly rare that music moves outside of this. I think it’s wonderful how the detuning makes me feel a bit uncomfortable+happy. With little-scale, music and interface goes hand in hand into the data sunset. Oink!

update: oh, he just did 30 songs in 30 days too!

SEGA – heroin for the heroes

June 25, 2008

SEGA machines always felt a bit off to me. I was never really interested in them. But then I realised that the soundchips are actually pretty sweet, and now there are even trackers supporting them. I’m a total newbie with SEGA, just thought I’d share some links with you anyway. Starting off with a new creation posted today at the SEGA parts of benheck forums:

|||||||||||The Master Boy – DIY portable Sega Master System by Sam Thornley ||||||||||||||||||| little-scale’s Sega Master System stuff – new fresh live EP and hardware MIDI-hacks, yeah! |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Exodus – DIY portable Sega Genesis by Ben Heck ||||||||||||||||SEGA @ – various demoscene productions |||||| TFM Music Maker – tracker to make music for Megadrive/Genesis |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Mod2PSG2 – tracker to make music for Master System/Gamegear ||||||||||||||| Gieskes Sega Megadrive2 – one of Gijs Gieskes machines, also check out the one with built in sequencer! ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||SMS Power! – Sega 8-bit preservation and fanaticism |||||||||||||||||||

Sega Mega Drive Slack-Hack

February 1, 2008

Now this is a great idea for lazy chipnoise fanatics! By pulling out the game cartridge while some music is playing and quickly inserting another cartridge – you get new music! Made by the people at dramacore and sickmode. Download their album

Sega Death – 16 bits from hell (22mb)

“the album is weird but thats what happens.
nothing was sequenced and no fx were used.
just some cutting out of the silence and crap.”

– ian @ dramacore