► Animal Romantics

Animal Romantics (slightly NSFW) is an audiovisual maxi single. Or music disk. Or … internet multimedia? Demo? Net art? Whatever you want to call it – this is 7 songs with synchronized visuals in Javascript and PETSCII. The music, text & visuals blend together to describe the construction of a lady, who has romantic dreams about monkeys.

You can even insert your own text and get a custom link to insult your friends with! Made by Raquel Meyersevilpaul and Goto80 for the pl41nt3xt pavilion @ Wrong Biennale and Chipflip.


The song comes in one slow disco version and a faster vocoder pop version. They have been remixed by Limonious (the grand father of skweee), Steve (UK’s new king of FM-swing), The Toilet & Ljudit Andersson from the very underrated Mutantswing label, and finally a version from the don of Amiga disco, Dr. Vector. The whole thing runs in evilpaul’s text-mode Javascript library.


Works on most browsers, as long as you have a normal keyboard (hello mobile world).

5 Responses to “► Animal Romantics”

  1. Dragan Says:

    Absolutely RAD!!!

  2. Woolyss Says:

    Waoooow! I am really impressed. Very good work. Bravo!

  3. Animal Romantics (MP3/Javascript, Chipflip) « GOTO8O Says:

    […] Made for the pl41nt3xt pavilion at the Wrong art biennale in São Paulo, with over 300 artists. They’ve also organized a number of AFK-events. And we also put it on Chipflip. […]

  4. drxb2k Says:

    BTW, works great on my Blackberry with keyboard! Office Party!

  5. Is this Animal Romantics? | evilpaul.orgevilpaul.org Says:

    […] at the pl4int3xt pavilion at the Wrong art biennial in Sao Paulo. You can also jump straight to the Chipflip, where the piece is […]

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