How’s the Demoscene on Twitter?

I’ve been meeting sceners in the strangest places lately. Which got me thinking. What do all those old sceners do these days? What do they work with? Are they all programmers and geeks? Or what? What do sceners talk about today?

Enter Twitter list! [UPDATE: go here & here, read comments] I know, they’re usually quite useless. But perhaps this could actually be a useful way to use it; to show the differences within a group. To show what they talk about when they are not together. All the other things. I think that could be quite interesting with such a diverse group such as the demoscene.

So I started by searching Twitter bios for demoscene, demoscener and scener. The hits I got showed that those people are mostly programmers that have tweeted something during the past week. (Also, there are people who call themselves demoscene hangarounds!)

Some accounts were – surprise! – more popular than others. I made a list of some that had more than 1000 followers, just for fun. This is not some top-of-twitter-megachart, it’s just an observation from a silly first search and leaves out eg Kim Dotcom, Axwell and other crispy phresh celebrities with a scene past. Anyway, here goes:

  • Richard Davey @photonstorm (game developer)
  • Maija Haavisto @DiamonDie (writer)
  • Mathieu Henri @p01 (programmer)
  • Tadej Gregorcic @tadej (programmer)
  • Douglas Alves @_Adoru_ (history professor)
  • Jussi Laakkonen @jussil (games entrepreneur)
  • Jean-Christophe G. @gatuingt (programmer)
  • Leonard Ritter @paniq (game developer, musician)
  • Tomoki Shishikura @T_SRTX1911 (?)
  • Renaldas Zioma @__ReJ__ (programmer, game developer)
  • Nathaniel Reindl @nrr (programmer)

I browsed around randomly among followers, remembered some people that I follow on Twitter, checked their followers, etc. Found another demoscene list and stole all the members, muhaha. I also checked #demoscene tag which was surprisingly empty. Even just a search for demoscene resulted in quite few hits. Anyway. I ended up with 256 accounts in total, after a few hours.

I tried to exclude inactive accounts, unless I thought they’d be active again. Didn’t include parties, groups, etc. I wanted to see how persons talked – regardless if they are inactive or active sceners. Scene for life, yeeeäah!

So let me know about all those scener accounts on Twitter! Let’s find all the forgotten sceners and see what they’re talking about. Fun, yes?

7 Responses to “How’s the Demoscene on Twitter?”

  1. Knoeki Says:

    You forgot @knoeki ;_)

  2. akaobi Says:

    Tomoki Shishikura is a demo coder. Very young guy.

    Nice digging. Twitter is another big street for small talk. It is also opened up to sceners.
    We met and pass by them and sometimes stumble on their voice.
    It’s a pleasant experience.

  3. goto80 Says:

    Thanks! And sorry @knoeki :)

    So @psenough already had a list which was Bigger Than Mine so we moved mine to his, and now it has 500 people, which is maximum for Twitter. So he started another one :) I won’t update mine much, but focus on building on his instead.

  4. Nils Says:

    Hey, don’t forget me: @torusle Ex Cubic&$een, Elitegroup, Farbrausch.

  5. Akira Says:

    Wait, Axwell has a demoscene past? What was his handle?

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