Music for Twitter?

So first Viznut and friends did some experiments and put it in a YouTube-clip. Then there were threads at Pouet and, and eventually it even popped up in places like Motherboard. Then there was another video:

This is all about tiny pieces of C code that generates 8-bit music. Mega complicated haXXor stuff. But you don’t have to understand it to like it. In fact, you can even make it yourself. Just copy stuff here, paste it here and then change some numbers. Don’t forget to copyright it!

This seems less hardware-dependent than minidata things usually are. So perhaps it could be some new kind of sonic Twitter art, like I tweeted little-scale’s Arduino music (mp3). Good luck everybody! Waiting for the first compilation…

10 Responses to “Music for Twitter?”

  1. Oliver Says:

    sin(t * .00025) * 24000 + sin(t * .001) * 5000 + cos(t * .0005)^2 * 50 + cos(t^2 * .001) * 30

  2. Sebastian Tomczak Says:

    Seven examples with audio and code:

  3. goto80 Says:

    Viznut’s blog post:

  4. mcfiredrill Says:

    Wow this could be great for live coding! Live oneliner battlez

  5. goto80 Says:

    + @mclduk (who also did that zx spectrum beatbox thing) made twitter-music two years ago, using supercollider.

  6. ekg Says:

    Duet for Two Modems ‘>_>:

    t * ((t>>5|t>>11)*25+sin(t)&6&t>>9)|(t>>9)

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