Spectrum Babez (But no Men?)

Pixel art is usually thought of as a manual labour, just like chip music. Every byte set by hand, except for rudimentary copy functions. If you only use keyboard or joystick that’s also a plus. Personally, I like conversions aswell. They tend to reveal nice artifacts that manual labour often wants to hide. And what’s better to convert than hot humans? Porn -> big pixels is just as popular as pop-music -> big waveforms. Computer-generated text art pretty much started with porn.

So here are some female babes in Spectrum vision by Max Capacity and Prosthetic Knowledge. These are all conversions, afaik. Obviously, there are no losses in these translations. They have either opened up images to more interpretations, or locked them into a new state of excellence. Translation is for winners!

If you crave more low-res-xx you can check Otro’s cover art for Kittenrock’s Pornochip compilation is N.I.C.E! There’s Goa Brudbilder – the interlaced PETSCII madness by Role Model and me (C64). Of course, there’s always girls.c64.org, but for the real C64-porn go for JSL’s porn packs. It’s animated PETSCII, and it’s like it was made by a drooling 13-year-old.

Ok, but what about the men? Where are all the naked hunks in low-res? Are they all busy fighting dragons in Vallejo-remakes and riding with a sword into the sun set? Calling all low-res hot boys!

Max Capacity – Love Maniacs

Max Capacity – Totally Awesome

Prosthetic Knowledge – Outside of Screen (originally by nam)

Prosthetic Knowledge – Untitled 1 -2011 (original by C. Kirk)

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