The Music Sporters at Lazerscale

Congratulations to the musicians who managed to do one song every day last year! At Lazerscale, some people have succeeded in this music sport where many others have failed. Little-scale put 9 songs out the last day of the year to reach 365, and Lazerbeat offered us about 120 new songs in the last four days of the year. A special happy new year to you, David! :) Ubey also reached the goal a few days into the new year, but the rest of the people didn’t make it. When I wrote this post I have to admit I didn’t think anyone would make it. Glad they proved me wrong. They are music sporters, just like Björn Borg (see below).

Very impressive! Unfortunately, I haven’t listened to many of them. It would be great to have some kind of radio-function, because downloading these things file by file, and then listening to them as songs seems like the wrong way to go. A radio station for each artist would be great. Listening to “songs” often gets boring anyway, and this could be a nice alternative for a fragmented but highly contextual listening. The bestest explanation of 2010 for future generations!

Björn Borg by Charlotte & Sture Johannesson (Apple II, 1983)


One Response to “The Music Sporters at Lazerscale”

  1. Lazerbeat Says:

    Thanks goto80!!! <3 <3 <3

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