Demoscene Week at Rhizome

Rhizome, one of the leading sites for digital art, is focusing on the demoscene this week. So far, there have been two articles by Markku Reunanen and Antti Silvast at Demoscene Research and one by me. I was invited to write about chipmusic but decided to write a Micro History of Demoscene Music. The impossible mission of writing that history in 400 words somehow appealed to me, although the text is perhaps a bit fragmented. The purpose was to give a broad idea of what it is and give plenty of hints of where to look for more. So I left out larger topics such as the ontology of demoscene music, and authorship versus remixing in the scene. If you want to hear about those things, you are welcome to come to my lecture this weekend at the Demode Festival in Zagreb, Croatia. :—-)

And now, for now apparent reason, an old Amiga production by Otro and Non Plus Ultra:

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