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Maniac Mansion, who supposedly released an album in 1999 (hm), were a chip rock act from Louisiana, USA that split up in 2005. After that the two members started to make videos and porn music, apparently. The Maniac Mansion songs are not easy to come by anymore, but there are some on the Myspace. I stumbled across some of their MP3s on a forgotten harddrive, and thought I’d write a little piece about chip rock. I’ve written about other chip-genres here.

Anamanaguchi are probably the most famous ‘chip rock’ act these days, tending more towards pop than punk I suppose. The Depreciation Guild even more so, and are also gaining recognition outside of the chip-bubble. Going more towards punk, there’s for example Superdöner (hello myself) and Go With Fourteen O.

There is plenty of metal-smelling 8-bit music without guitars. People like Virt and Heospheros and Norrin Radd make intricate beep “metal” that relate to the old Konami NES-style. Others do it a bit harder like Laconic Zero (related to the underground-famous Next Life) and use C64 and guitar/bass. Aleksi Eeben’s the Grand Rules is a true metal epos, made strictly on C64 (in his own tracker I guess). To get more grindy you should check out Unas, who I can’t seem to find a link for atm. If you prefer things more noisy, you can check out chip noise.

It seems that ‘nintendocore’ and ‘8-bit screamo’ is pretty popular at the moment, but I’m not really sure. I used to be quite into this stuff, and also did some stuff, but I’ve lost touch. Anyway – the most intense chip rock I’ve seen, is the French one-man band, Duracell. He plays a regular drum-set, but triggers old videogame music with it. Despite the 1980s game music, it is surprisingly refreshing since he is such a good and violent drummer and because he actually sequences the music by using different trigger-combinations. He still seems to be doing long tours around Europe, so try to catch him!

Okay, now time for the last dance! Check out Klisje Paa Klisje – the Amiga scene’s answer to November Rain. Feel the power of 15-minute mega-ballad! There’s plenty more MOD-rock to be found, like Bruno’s Valerian 777. But now let’s end with a funny youtube-clip.

26 Responses to “Chip Rock”

  1. arlen Says:

    Cadaver has done plenty of cool metal stuff on C64. You can find him in the HVSC. Heosphoros introduced me to him. Really neat stuff, especially for SID.

  2. jikoo Says:


    Very interesting post (like ever!) ;) With your rain of links, I learn lot of things! Thanks a lot for your nice work!

    I follow you via my online RSS reader at :


  3. chipflip Says:

    @arlen – ah, thanx!

    + (c64 black metal)

  4. Altemark Says:

    It’s not chip, but at least it’s tracked

    This is the only kind if stuff I did for years, listening today it gives me a feeling of naive positivity, fun simplicity and TRASHTRASHTRASHDEaTH

    Betrayer 4-ever!!

  5. peter Says:

    A topic near and dear to my heart! What about:
    (The first band i saw use a c64 on stage)
    Graffiti Monsters
    Cheap Dinosaurs

    I really wish there where more such bands it’s obviously easier to get a solo dj thing together than a group guitar thing.

    • chipflip Says:

      thanks for pointing that out. i never heard of (operation?) reinformation. where’s the warez!?

      • peter Says:

        I guess they would use trackers as sample sources, or have custom synths they wrote for the c64. They msotly performed with their own sample program Backtobasics at the time.

      • chipflip Says:

        ah! but i meant music-warez; recordings, mp2s, realaudio, torrents…? leech needs blood.

  6. µB Says:

    Machinae Supremacy/Masugn leaps to mind, although how chippy they are besides doing covers and using a Sidstation is debatable. If you don’t take them too seriously (in an ATR kind of way), 64revolt can be enjoyable.

  7. dummmy Says:

    Mmmm! Refreshing memory-jog post! Thanks for this. I totally forgot about 1) spill/data garden 2) Superdöner (best band name ever) and 3) fakebit Angel of Death!!!!

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  9. boomlinde Says:

    Good read, and i didn’t know about Maniac Mansion (or klisje paa klisje B-) ).

    Anyway, my favorite guy in this genre has to be Zan-zan-zawa-veia

  10. boomlinde Says:

    Also, for something new and cool in the zan-zan-wablsfkafk direction, have a look at Gnassurus on 8bc

  11. Chris Says:

    Cadaver rules! Another dude who has written his own tracker (GT) and used it to make great tunes. Metal Warrior is also a pretty awesome C64 game.

    My solo project, and sometimes band, Yatagarasu, has done alot of NES grind/post-hardcore.

  12. Glafouk Says:

    “Klisje Paa Klisje” !!!! Thanks a lot man !!!! I’m lookin’ for this tune of my childhood since years… In my old blurry memory it was called “Fliste paa Fliste”, that’s why google never found it ;( … Now I got it… Thanks !!!

    “Cortouchka” and “Knulla Kuk” are also nice tunes in this mood if my broken memory isn’t so dead :p

    • chipflip Says:

      Hey man! Glad to be of service! I remember Cortouchka and Knulla Kuk aswell. Klisjee paa Kilsjee and Knulla Kuk are great Swedish titles, by the way. “Cliché after Cliché” and “Fuck Dick”. Fuck as in having sex. Knulla is usually having sex, although it can mean fucking something up aswell. Eh. So now you know! :D

  13. Glafouk Says:

    Tack for the swedish lesson :D … Till now, I just knew “skal” and “öl”, now if one day i’ll go to Sverige, I’ll b able to come back not lonely from the bar :P

  14. bucky Says:

    A former band of mine, Chromelodeon, now defunct-

    Before I joined up with them, they were the first band I saw using a game boy live, back in 2004 or so (and subsequently what really got me into the chip music scene, in spite of the band never really falling “into” it and remaining a sort of ‘prog / indie’ group). :) It’s where Cheap Dinosaurs comes from.

  15. MOLLY Says:

    What about Machinae Supremacy?

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