Offline Chipmusic Radio Shows

For some reason I just thought of Syntax Error. It was a radio show on national Swedish radio every week for about 3 years. It was pretty much on prime time – something like Tuesdays at 7 o clock – playing mostly 8-bit videogame music, but also demoscene works and other related music. In the first show, aired almost exactly 10 years ago, there was Hülsbeck and Leitch but also Travolta, DMX Krew, Drax, Proxyon and Lizardking. They even played a trashy C64-mashup of two Spice Girls songs by yours truly. That was quite bizarre. What was even more bizarre, was that I e-mailed them to complain about them using an emulator. You know, I was a teenage gangster purist.

I rarely listened to the show back then. But listening to it now, it feels completely surreal to picture this as part of prime time national radio. The host has a great southern Swedish accent and talks about typical prime-time things like helping with server fees (spelling out their URL not once, but three times). Or this one: “If you’re as mature as I am, head to and use the SID-find to search for something indecent… like… poo! And what do you get then? Yep, two songs by Goto80!”. Hehe. And this was part of a show with the specific theme of pee & poo (bajs & kiss). Uh-hu.

At the time there was also a local American radioshow playing strictly C64-music. The 6581 Show ran every week at KDVS in California from 1999 to 2001. Hard Hat Mack had themed episodes like one on the demoparty Mekka Symposium 2000, one for Zyron & Kjell Nordbo, for multispeed music and for PRI. It was mostly game music though, as far as I know.

So what other chipmusic radio shows have been around, off the Internet? I’m guessing Syntax Error is the only nation-wide show of its kind, but I’d be happy to be surprised! There must’ve been something in Germany? Or Netherlands or the UK?

9 Responses to “Offline Chipmusic Radio Shows”

  1. d0us Says:

    Resonance FM is London based but is pretty well known throughoutthe UK and had a few shows in the early noughties regularily featuring David Sugar and Gwem.

    I forget the name of the guy running the show but he might still have the odd one now but I haven’t listened to Resonance for a while.

    The show was ‘hip’ enough for all the indie kids at All Tomorrows Parties festival join in a in a massive 8 bit gaming session at his chalet ;)

  2. linde Says:

    Syntax Error always brought forth my nationalistic side… “Sweden is great because we have chip music on public-broadcasting”

  3. peter swimm Says:

    wzrd in chicago had a saturday show right before (or after ) the hour of slack that would play anything from man or astroman, to quintron, to the sound track from international karate. Can’t remember many details though..

  4. b-hack Says:

    Thomas Dörflinger aka traxxköter runs a show called “bitte8bit”, every thursday 5pm on public channel Radio Helskinki in Graz, Austria. Has lots of old and new chipstuff, cool interviews with local chippers as well as some retro-gaming related contents.

    this blog has streams of all episodes:
    downloads are available here:

  5. TRUE CHIP TILL DEATH • TCTD Links for 2010-03-19 Says:

    […] Offline radio shows: 13 hrs […]

  6. jellicacacacacacacacacacacacacakakakakakaka Says:

    6 part show on londons resonance fm that we did:

    i think we even played a goto80 song and credited it as ????? as there were no mp3 tags. yes RelaxEnjoyHelp

    its a bit fucking silly, like trying to do a show in french and german and too much bullshit talking.

  7. chipflip Says:

    thanks, all good stuff!

    i just remembered that the local public access tv-station in gothenburg broadcasts amiga music pretty much all the time. when there are no programs, they have an amiga running a slideshow and playing an old stack of mods from aminet. and they are not interested in updating their mod-archive either. yonx in up rough asked.

    caught a read/write error there a few years ago:

    not sure they’re still doing it, but it’s a pretty cheap way of playing music anyway…

  8. Dubmood Says:

    Syntax Error & Sol got kicked off the airwaves when the the old Frank (the name of the host emission) producer got kicked and the new one only wanted indipop and “no fucking techno shit”. Sol was really cool though, I met him at Dreamhack 00 and thanks to syntax error I made my swedish national radio debut as a 15 y old. P3 was really ahead of its time.

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