A Connoisseur and a Casionova

Chip or not? Two nice small videos by oneedo, one featuring music by the legendary Australian Casio rocker Casionova. It’s music made with the soundchips of keyboards, so that would make it chipmusic. He he, Hegel. He produced an album in a chicken farm in 2005, but unfortunately I can’t seem to find the photos anymore. There were other good aussie keyboard freaks back in the days, such as Reverse Engineers and Toydeath. There was a micro_hq in Melbourne also, and today there’s Game Boy Australia. Hello!

4 Responses to “A Connoisseur and a Casionova”

  1. Dot.AY Says:

    Greetz in return!! Amazing videos

    Casionova played at the first Game Boy Australia tour, I definitely see him as chip…
    hopefully he will be playing a future soundbytes event as well

    Melbourne Micro HQ is alive and well!!!

  2. chipflip Says:

    It’s aliiiiveee! What I meant in the text, which wasn’t very clear, was a micro_hq as in something relating to micromusic.net. It doesn’t seem very active, it’s mostly other people, right? Soundbytes and Syntax Error and that kind of stuff, yep?

    I wish the Blip festival was in Melbourne. Then I would go!

  3. Beer Pong Accessories | Beer Pong is Good Says:

    […] A Connoisseur and a Casionova « CHIPFLIP […]

  4. 10k Says:

    I played a show with Toy Death last year, they are still fighting. However I asked Casionova to play a show not so long ago and I had a response after the show regretting to inform me something or other. I think he is pretty well inactive now, sadly.

    I have caught up with Future Eater as well. He has come to some of the parties in Melbourne. I think the melb_hq is alive in the sense that the core of it is coming to SoundBytes now, there was even some talk of the title being handed over… Most of the other, older hq guys split to work on more straight up electro stuff if my memory serves me.

    Who knows!!?!

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