Chipdisco DJ Tool Out Now

PortaMod by Syphus, mentioned earlier, is now announced for the public here! It’s a new player for older music formats, which offers alot more than performing/visualizing recorded music. It’s basically a library for Processing to play MOD/XM/S3M, currently presented in a few different forms, for example the Chipdisco. It offers two decks for DJ-action, and is also a great way to perform your own music live. You can tranpose songs, tempo changes, automatic beatmatch, loop quarters of patterns and jump inbetween them, mute individual channels. And you can use either keyboard, mouse, or MIDI. Chipdisco also allows you to navigate through songs with the cursor keys. Left/right changes the song position in the pattern list, while up/down goes a step up or down in the current pattern playing.

The source will be shared, so it will be interesting to see what the future holds for MOD/XM/S3M performances/visualizers in Processing. (For those using Supercollider, you can use Fredrik Olofsson’s redMOD and redXM here.)



2 Responses to “Chipdisco DJ Tool Out Now”

  1. chipmonster Says:

    I like to modify the text of the old Sunday school song “Jesus loves all the children”. When you come to the “ on white on black makes it the same, he said: Jesus loves all children across the globe.”, I sing “ on green on the blue (RGB) makes the same I have seen. Only Jesus loves metalkeys.iff truthfully.”

    For it is what it is, each of which is his future fortune, and has no strength, dryer, or health to use his own sampler; there just hope to God the Creator – the eternal sweeper of pulsewidth.

    Let’s praise this application in the light of those kinds words.


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