Free Friday Fruit Music from J. Arthur Keenes Band

The J. Arthur Keenes Band is a Canadian artist who has been lurking around in the outskirts of the chipmusic scene for a couple of years, without gaining the recognition I think he deserves. Maybe his new release Pamplemousse on the excellent Pause will change that. It is a great proof of the genre-breaching potentials of soundchips (pop, rock, reggae?) but Keenes also uses a wider array of instruments: Gameboy, vocals, guitar, organ, melodica, etc. It’s a juicy result that shows off strong skills for harmonies and arrangements. Chip pop at its best!

Oddly enough I found myself in a discussion about pamplemousse (the fruit) last weekend in Caen, France. I was told it was not a grape fruit, and not a blood orange. And now I understand. It is an MP3-release!

this is not pamplemousse

3 Responses to “Free Friday Fruit Music from J. Arthur Keenes Band”

  1. ptrmn Says:

    You look happy in the picture. Who’s your friend?

  2. chipflip Says:

    the friend is pamplemousse!
    the other one is dj ibiza.

  3. dubmood Says:

    I wagly remember having such a discussion with you. But I thought it was french for a grapefruit =)

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