She Needs to Put Some Clothes On

Diplo (currently on some sort of world tour) released “Diplo Rhyhtm” on Big Dada in 2004, using the music from the NES game Platoon, Kraftwerk, and vocals. I don’t know who composed the NES-song, but the C64-version was made by Jonathan Dunn.

Mashups are rarely done in style, and this is no exception. Enjoy!

5 Responses to “She Needs to Put Some Clothes On”

  1. Marc Nostromo Says:

    Diplo is a dude, with switch he’s been behind a lot of productions lately (like m.i.a. ‘s paper planes featured on slumdog millionnaire)

    Their latest record under the “Major Lazer” nickname is a bomb.

  2. mustakl » Major stems ! Says:

    […] been a lot into Major Lazer lately. Yesterday, following a link from Goto80’s excellent Chipflip, I noticed diplo had a banner up his myspace that said “remix major lazer” and indeed, […]

  3. Akira Says:

    There are more interesting artists doing real shit with REAL cumbia/baile funk/etc flavours, like, in the countries of origin (Brazil or here). Have you checked my friends label Zizek Records (accidentaly, I edited a cumbia track there :D)? I recommend El Remolón, Chancha Vía Circuito and Tremor

    Everytime Diplo travels he finds some shit to repurpose, although, IMO, badly :P

    The video didn’t work, by the way. Which tune is this? Can you upload it somewhere Anders?

  4. chipflip Says:

    the tune is called diplo rhythm. also found e.g here:

  5. M-.-n Says:

    Akira, I never stated diplo was doing REAL cumbia. I still like what he does although I understand that coming from there it must feel like a rip off. I’ll check zizek. My favorite source at the moment is a french canadian radioshow:

    they go in all directions (africa/south america & urban cross over) and I find it really enjoyable. I now love every monday at work coz I know I got a new one to listen to :)

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