Crazy Frog Rock Bureaucracy

In my badly titled Plagiarism-page I have compiled a list of more or less questionable sampling and covering of 8-bit music. Drx from Bodenständig 2000 made a comment to reveal the story behind case of Jamster – one of the most notorious mobile phone terrorist companies. Cited here in its entirety:


the Jamster case went like this: The animator of the “crazy frog”, before known as “the annoying thing”, once contacted Bodenständig 2000 asking if he could use “In Rock 8 Bit” for his now legendary animation. At this point it was just some fun he made in his free time. We agreed on letting him do it, he was “one of us”.

The video he made spread online, people posted it around in emails etc. Jamster in many cases just took animations that were popular online and sold them to people with mobile phones. The same here, they contacted the animator and licensed the video from him. The animator made clear that they didn’t have the rights to the sound track though. Bodenständig 2000 was never contacted.

In Germany the daughter company Jamba ran TV ads with the “crazy frog” using another music, that sounded a quite familiar but was not the same. So we thought that everything was alright. But then fans from the rest of the world wrote emails to us stating that in their countries, Jamster was using the original tune in TV ads. It proved to be true, a bad-ass rip-off.

Our hippie-publisher Stora/Freibank started some lawyer action. Some lawyers wrote some letters to each other, an expert was commissioned to prove that the tune is not a composition, another expert was commissioned to prove the opposite … in the end, after many years of paper being filled up, Bodenständig got some pocket money without a trial.

Jamster until the end claimed that they have no idea themselves how often their spot was aired because “they keep no records”. People who watched TV during the period in question know that it was on almost every 15 minutes on music channels, for several weeks. However, the tune was never sold as a ringtone, but to advertise another ringtone.

Well, i am glad its over, was just eating up nerves and energy.

drx/Bodenständig 2000

3 Responses to “Crazy Frog Rock Bureaucracy”

  1. jim Says:

    what ringtone or tune was used in the advert? can you give an example? these adverts frequently show on the uk air lines so i’m intrigued to see what was shown.

  2. yonxUP Says:

    the dude who made the annoying sound of the frog didnt get a single dollar in royalties so i guess bodenstandig should be quite happy with their share :)

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