Chip Music Toilet?

Just an informative interlude….

Over at internet2007 we can find, among other obscurities, links to “one hit wonders” – search queries that only give one hit (it’s harder than you think). Of course, once you read about them there, they have turned into two hit wonders, since Google sniffs your pants faster than you think.

The last post relates to chip music, and more precisely the lack of (academic) research on it. There is of course more research than Google Scholar shows, but living in times when the map is more correct than reality and when Google makes the map, this is the Truth!

So, the 4th most relevant scholarly material on chip music is about … toilets! With chip music! It is not really academic research (yet!) but a patent – something that Google apparently is indexing these days, as part of scholarly research. Check it out!

7. A toilet according to one of the claims 1 to 6,

characterized in

that the device (20) or only the printed wiring board (electronics) for emitting acoustical speech and/or music information is placed fixed or removable on the support (60) and only the speech chip/music chip or microchip on the printed wiring board/device is replaceable (for example by a plug-in contact) in order to reprogramm or to respeak the speech chip/music chip/microchip.

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