Minimum Data >> Maximum Content

The VJ-festival Cimatics are running an online exhibition, so I have just “curated” something called Minimum Data >> Maximum Content. It is a tiny presentation of what people have achieved with 1024 bytes or less. I will return to this subject many times in the future, because it relates to many things I try to approach in this blog: maximising technology, not exploit limitations but embrace possibilities, hug bugs, media specificity, posthumanism, and so forth. In the mean time, enjoy the three lonely videos I have posted, and check an 8bittoday-post, and check how you can make cinema material in 4 kilobytes here. (warning for superman trance) And remember: recordings are sooo 20th century. 256 bytes look better than 256 megabytes!

(Some chip music curiosa: behind the name ate bit , included in my selection, we find 4-mat who is often blamed for inventing chip music with Amiga songs around 1990. Back when chip music was sample-based and semi-nostalgic music, *cough*. Nowadays he codes incredible tiny productions for 8-bit machines, like the recent interactive “DJ-tool” for Spectrum called 1kdj.)

2 Responses to “Minimum Data >> Maximum Content”

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    […] Totally agreed. Read more at Chipflip. […]

  2. Minidemos: 32 bytes = better than 300 megabytes « CHIPFLIP Says:

    […] for MS-DOS: Ameisen. Two years ago I recorded it, so I could show it at the online exhibition Minimum Data >> Maximum Content that I curated for Cimatics’ defunct Intermerz project. If you don’t like compression, […]

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