All Possible Digital Music By Definition

Discovered in 1927 by David Champernowne and Alan Turing, the CC is known to contain all possible digital data and is obviously prior art to all possible digital sounds. Which means, no new digital sound was ever invented nor recorded nor ever will be. […] I think most people would agree that this demonstration does not play any good music in this video, but nonetheless it is a matter of fact that the process in progress does generate all possible digital music by definition.” (video)

I am guessing there is a typo somewhere up there, but I hope not. That statement is great. So, VironCybernet just uploaded loads of new videos with interesting generative works, technesthetics, fractal music, digital hardware audio stuff (aka software), speechsynthesis, and so on. I don’t know much about what technology he uses (much of it seems to involve the Propeller microcontroller), but the looks and sound go straight into my telnet heart!

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