More Profit Magic!

Now here’s s what computing was always about! More Profit Magic! (hmm, only 2 hits on Google though) “Millipede is a fantastic new video adventure fantasy that continues and multiplies the sizzling profit tradition and excitement of ATARI Centipede. Read the text at the bottom. (photo by SA_Steve)


np: casiocrack (piggy-music, warning for chip purists, if there are any)

3 Responses to “More Profit Magic!”

  1. B.Leo Says:

    That guy just realized he’s holding a bag of sex toys right in front of his wife and daughter!

    BTW: if you liked casiocrack, you’ll LOVE dunknesfunk….

  2. tonee Says:

    yeah piggy tracker! support it! make it not crash on linux :(

  3. bikecore Says:

    actuaully 3 hits with this one!

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