Bruno R.I.P

Grrrr, just noted that another one of my old inspirations has passed away. Bruno (Jussi Pietilä) was active in the Amiga demoscene in the early 1990s making bizarre music like no one else. It doesn’t sound like chip music as in square waves and arpeggios, but it’s all 4 channel music with 8-bit samples (Protracker). It is really impressive works, still. For example, there’s the 5 minute death metal song in 116kb (controller), or the “finnish tundra orchestra” song that really sounds like a crazy little orchestra, only it’s a 116kb MOD-file (uralvolga).

You can download all of the songs in the original MOD-format at AMP or modland, or in OGG-format here (169mb). You can read more about Bruno and also see photos of him at a Bitfellas page. To play MOD-files use deliplayer or winamp+oldsk00l for PC, and maybe Cocomodx for Mac?

b.s.t – some kind of circus funk smelling 1970s
block busters – fast electronic disco
dr snuggles – perfect conversion in 69 kilobytes
gymnopedies – very cute cover
handskor – another cute song with a smell of porn
hits-90 – absurd
it’s a booty time – porndisco
pipeline – chiptune
sonar – porndisco
stor och liten – porndisco
tunnehairio – vocal discofunk
uralvolgafine – circus music

photo: 4T in 1992/1993

6 Responses to “Bruno R.I.P”

  1. nils Says:

    just found out, that even VLC plays MODs :)
    And incredible work this, i just listened to the tundra orchestra. holy shit.

  2. starpause Says:

    any details on Bruno’s passing? much respect for this man & his legacy will live on, some fantastic gems in his archive (thank god for modland ftp).

  3. chipflip Says:

    no, i have no idea. but suicide rates are pretty high in scandinavia according to some mesurements… >>

  4. MJ Says:

    no point using any rates, saw the man in the early nineties and could even tell then that wisdom and insanity goes hand to hand but could also be accident and stuff…

  5. Chip Folk Music | CHIPFLIP Says:

    […] Bruno (rip) – Modern Surf, Serenade to…, Uralvolga fine […]

  6. randall/msl Says:

    here’s more info for those who need it (can’t read German well, can’t judge if that’s a reliable source either).
    uralvolga fine and rolls with gurkan are one of my all time amiga faves :(

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