More classical chipmusic

Linus Åkesson has done it again, in May.

It struck me that, at least in theory, organ pipes should generate quite primitive sound waves. If so, how come a church organ doesn’t sound like a chip tune, which is also built up from simple waveforms? Well, actually it will, if you remove the church. And if you connect a Commodore 64 home computer to a loudspeaker in a large hall, it will sound like an organ.”

Reverberations is an 8-bit approach to J. S. Bach. Obviously based on 8-bit hardware and code, this does however sound very little like chipmusic. Just as chipflip wrote before, with Åkesson’s skills in both classical music and C64-assembler, he can point the finger to the quantization we know from 99% of other chipmusic (and most digitally sequenced music?). “The goal is not to play the right notes in the right order; that’s the starting point” to use his own words. With the reverbs added, this really sounds like there is both an organ and an organist present. Halleluja!

Usually, chipmusic seems mostly concerned with pop, games, dancing, happiness, clubs and so on. By placing a C64 in a church (virtually) and having it play Bach with the feel, touch, and limitations of an organ players’ hands, it seems to me that Åkesson has made a pretty hardcore recontextualisation of chipmusic. When I listen to Reverberations I think about christianity, note sheets, motoric skills, and the 18th century. On one hand, that’s pretty crazy results from a C64 and reverb. On the other hand, it’s not really that surprising that a modern machine can simulate (emulate?) these simple waveforms. But anyway – this is a rather perfect example of 8-bit music that is not in the form of chipmusic. Reverberations has almost nothing to do with with the culture, composing style, software, and context of chipmusic. Only the technology is shared. Medium does not necessarily cause form, as I said before.

When I found this, I felt like releasing a song I did a while ago: religious chip rock. It was also made with a C64 and reverb, but I have some angel-like (hehehe) singing aswell. It is also not that quantized, since I am playing drums and guitar live on the C64-keyboard with a vodka-induced mind. I just uploaded it to labelable and internet2008 only for You.

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