Dancepads and Axes

Yesh yesh, some hardware/software combinations that might be of interest to you.

Via a while back, I found Musicpad64. It is a BASIC software for C64 by nicovideonico. By controlling it with a Playstation Dance Pad, he’s made this videoclip. It’s a nice song – melancholic and dirty, just the way we like it! We should let our feet do the composing more often.

And via getlofi I discoverred electrokraft who is in the process of making several cartridges for NES to play music with its 2A03. Watch a video clip demonstration of the software in action with his custom built Sonic DrumAxe here. The sounds are not really that interesting, and I am not sure what the software “Super Synth Drums” is capable of. I am guessing that MidiNes is a lot better, but on the other hand you are not programming that straight on the NES.

Gijs Gieskes Hard Soft Synth, surfacing on the web a few months ago, might not be 8-bit (for those of yous that care) but it sounds sort of like it, and it looks great!

3 Responses to “Dancepads and Axes”

  1. Sebastian Tomczak Says:

    Thanks for the link to Gijs’ Hard Soft Synth!

  2. chipflip Says:

    the pleasure is mine. oh, and yours. and probably gijs’ too.

    …. (8bitweapon/dancepad/NES)

  3. Sebastian Tomczak Says:

    Oh yeah, i saw the 8BW dancepad video over on 8BC… very cool

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