SEGA – heroin for the heroes

SEGA machines always felt a bit off to me. I was never really interested in them. But then I realised that the soundchips are actually pretty sweet, and now there are even trackers supporting them. I’m a total newbie with SEGA, just thought I’d share some links with you anyway. Starting off with a new creation posted today at the SEGA parts of benheck forums:

|||||||||||The Master Boy – DIY portable Sega Master System by Sam Thornley ||||||||||||||||||| little-scale’s Sega Master System stuff – new fresh live EP and hardware MIDI-hacks, yeah! |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Exodus – DIY portable Sega Genesis by Ben Heck ||||||||||||||||SEGA @ – various demoscene productions |||||| TFM Music Maker – tracker to make music for Megadrive/Genesis |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Mod2PSG2 – tracker to make music for Master System/Gamegear ||||||||||||||| Gieskes Sega Megadrive2 – one of Gijs Gieskes machines, also check out the one with built in sequencer! ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||SMS Power! – Sega 8-bit preservation and fanaticism |||||||||||||||||||

One Response to “SEGA – heroin for the heroes”

  1. bikecore Says:

    לפני אות שוואית ולפני אותיות בומ”פ – בשורוק, לדוגמה: וּשְׁלושה, וּכְלבים; וּבית, וּו, וּמחברת, וּפטיש
    לפני י’ שוואית – בחיריק, והשווא של ה-י’ נופל, לדוגמה: וִירוּשָׁלַיִם, וִילָדִים
    לפני חטף – בתנועת החטף, לדוגמה: וַחֲלום, וָחֳמרים, וֶאֱמת
    לפני הברה מוטעמת, ובעיקר בצמדי מילים – בקמץ, לדוגמה: בשר וָדם, כפתור וָפרח

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