Bingo! It’s Chip!

I was working on a kind of beginner’s guide to chipmusic when I stumbled across another one of those texts that are not human-made but generated by algorithms. This is done in order to get confused humans, like myself, to think that it actually has something to do with what you searched for, and click on it. Although ordinary commercials can sometimes be quite funny, this takes generic commercialism to a new level! This text mixes the wikipedia-entry about chipmusic with … well, read on and see for yourself in this little summary.

“A chiptune, or chip music, is music written in sound formats where all the sounds are university games deluxe cage bingo synthesized in realtime by a computer or video game console bingo for kids sound chip, instead of play bingo online for free using sample-based synthesis. Most of (but not all) chip sounds are synthesised by simply dividing a clock square wave to get a square wave of desired frequency, and sometimes using a sawtooth/triangle wave from volume LFO or an (ADSR) envelope to get some chocktaw bingo kind of ring modulation. Common file formats used to compose and play chiptunes are the SID, SNDH, MOD, XM, several Adlib based file formats and numerous atwater high school bingo california exotic Amiga file bingo worker tipping rules formats.”

“Generally bingo rainbow chip tunes free super bowl bingo cards consist of basic waveforms, such as sine waves, square waves and sawtooth or triangle waves, and basic percussion, often generated from white noise family services bingo wheeling going through redhead bingo an ADSR envelope–controlled synthesizer. For the above reasons the classic chiptune 8-bit sound online bingo in canada can be recognised from its synthesised square or bingo slang pulse wave instruments, simple white noise best usa online bingo percussion and heavy use of ultra-fast arpeggios to emulate chords of three or four notes on a single channel (due to hardware limitations, several notes must be placed on the same channel).”


4 Responses to “Bingo! It’s Chip!”

  1. Gasten Says:

    oh my god! that was so funny!

    mega fail = mega win!

  2. hysing Says:

    That bot is a genious. Now i kan multitask may reading by letting me read two texts instead of one. I wonder if learn twice as fast that way.

  3. kikendo Says:

    Christian Bingo Game


  4. fs Says:

    hilarious :D

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