I got this candle for my birthday. When you light it, there’s chipmusic! It plays Happy Birthday with bleeps, slightly off key and with some wrong notes. When you blow it out, the song plays until it’s finished. I’m hoping to see more fire induced chipmusic in the future!


4 Responses to “ChipFire”

  1. nils Says:

    holy nerd..
    happy birthday !

  2. bikecore Says:


  3. Handmade Electronic Music: Bending vs Building « CHIPFLIP Says:

    […] poking a circuit board to make sounds, the other one with a lit candle performing similar sounds. Fire-driven music is nice stuff and with Nic blowing wind on the candle, the sounds would change. So now, in a broad […]

  4. [mikrogalleriet] » Blog Archive » mikrogalleriet: 1 year! Says:

    […] ps: if you want to give us a gift, look into something like this […]

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